Jan Kysela

About me

Hi, i am Jan Kysela – welcome to my website. I‘m a guitar player born in south Bohemia and raised in Prague.


Like many guitar players i went through the phases of rock, blues and then i got deep into jazz music and later into fingerstyle guitar.


My focus on fingerstyle guitar started when i first heard Chet Atkins, Jerry Redd and Tommy Emmanuell. I was fascinated by the possibility of playing several lines on guitar – melody, middle voices, bass line or drums – simultaneously.


My influences came from a wide variety of musical styles like rock, pop, country, jazz and world music.


I spend a lot of time playing with many artist and good musicians. I like playing in a band, but i like the sound of acoustic guitar very much. This sound makes me happy. I like working on music, arranging songs and sharing them with others.



My work and experience include:

  • playing solo acoustic guitar
  • recording many different projects
  • playing with bands
  • teaching guitar, music and hosting workshops